Shopify Recipe App Features

Auto Generated SEO Recipe Schema Cards

Automatically show your recipes on Google and other search engines with Recipe Kit’s auto-generated SEO optimized schema cards. Customers will discover your Shopify store via beautiful recipe cards and will be hooked by your delicious recipe content!

Learn more and see how it works here.

Gorgeous Recipe Card Designs

Recipe Kit comes with 3 beautiful default recipe card designs that embed on your Shopify blog posts. Customize the borders, colours, and soon so much more! We are constantly creating new recipe designs, so check in weekly to see the new designs we’ve built! Have a design request? Send it over and we will work on implementing it ASAP in the app.

Learn more and view the designs here.

Attach Shopify Products as Ingredients

Attach your Shopify store's products as ingredients to a recipe card

While building your gorgeous recipe; easily attach your Shopify products in the ingredient list to increase sales and guide customers towards the ingredients the recipe was intended to be made with!

Some customers still like to print out recipes for use in the kitchen - no problem at all! With Recipe Kit, your customers can print out your store’s recipe cards with a click of a button!
Recipe Kit designs come with easy social sharing buttons as well; meaning Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest users can easily share your wonderful recipe to their online networks!

Ingredient & Direction Groups

Your recipes can sometimes be a bit complex; which is why we’ve introduced a lovely feature of being able to add Ingredient & Direction group headings to your Shopify recipes, splitting up the recipe and directions into easy to reference chunks for customers!

More on the way…

Have a feature request that will make your life easier? Send me an email at and I will work on implementing it into the app as soon as possible :)